What To Do If Your Granite Is actually Marble

What To Do If Your Granite Is actually Marble


Considering that there are differences between marble as well as granite when it comes to acid sensitivity as well as porosity, precisely recognizing stone will, in most instances, allow stone owners to predict how their stone will certainly respond if it is subjected to acidic compounds or dampness as well as take the required preventative measures to stay clear of etch damages as well as staining. How do you avoid engrave damage and also discolorations linked with stone misidentification?

The Science Behind Etching and Discoloration
Acidic substances, such as lemon juice or white wine, will chemically react with calcium carbonate in marble, resulting in etch damages to the surface. In general, granite is not acid-sensitive most of the time, as long as your granite is not misidentified marble, you do not need to stress over granite etch damage. However, some granites have an acid-sensitive calcium binder mineral, which can etch.

Marble is typically not as permeable as granite, consequently, it is not likely to take in as much dampness as granite. A stone proprietor whose marble is in fact granite may not be as concerned about having the rock appropriately sealed, causing an unpleasant shock when splatters and also spills are promptly absorbed by the rock and also become discolorations.

How to Prevent Etch Damage as well as Discolorations
One sure method to prevent tarnish and engrave damage on countertops is to never permit your stone to come in contact with acidic or vivid materials. Undoubtedly, this is totally unrealistic. Here are some precautions you can take:

  1. Make use of a cutting board with a boundary well for collecting juices.
  2. Promptly tidy spills and also splatters with a pH-neutral, stone-safe cleaner.
  3. Review your kitchen counters or perform this easy countertop usability examination yourself. Have the countertops skillfully sealed, if necessary. Please note that sealants buy some time for you to tidy up spills prior to they turn into spots, but sealants do not provide engrave protection.

What To Do If Your Kitchen counter Is Currently Etched or Tainted
If your kitchen counter has a tiny etch or discolor, it may be feasible to remove it on your own, if you are lucky. Search how-to video clips on etch elimination or search stain elimination application on YouTube. Before reaching out to a service provide to come and do the work, you are always welcome to provide us a phone call with specific concerns.


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