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Granite Sealer & Cleaner
Verified Purchase

Sealing my granite counter tops has always been a pain. Finding what to use, and then the hassle of cleaning off the counter tops, and the long trying periods. I just never got to it as much as I should, because of the process. I purchased this product on Amazon, and it was SUPER EASY to use! It also did a FANTASTIC JOB! My counter tops are super smooth and this was with only one coat! The directions say you can do multiple coats for absorbent material. Not only was it super simple, with only one hour dry time, but there was no odor at all. I was wondering if it was doing anything at all, AND IT WAS! Love this stuff!

2 Bottle Grout-eez Kit
Verified Purchase

I have tried one product after another until I recived the Floor Guys product. This product is "the one" No harsh odors, quick and easy to use. I use it routinely. We have a busy kitchen with an old light tile floor. When I see an area of grout that is looking dark and dirty I take the bottle of Floor Guys product squeeze alittle on the grout, scrub with the provided brush and wait. The whole process is nothing more than a quick clean. Once dry the grout looks new. This product is on my regular list of cleaning products.

Stone & Grout Sealer
Verified Purchase

This sealer is super great and easy. I used a small crafting brush and got down and did the grout lines..half way thru I got tired and stopped trying to be careful. I got REAL sloppy and I waited 5 minutes then wiped it all off going across the grout(not with it) and the sealer stayed in. Made the rest of the job..easy! I also put some on my moms exterior patio brick and it worked WONDERS on that also. Just makes the water bead up! BEST PRODUCT...EVER

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