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If you're looking for the very best in tile and grout cleaner products, you've come to the right place. At Clean-eez, our selection of high-end cleaners will leave your floors sparkling and looking like new, especially when paired with a specially-made tool that improves the ease of the job.

In addition to traditional spray-on cleaners, we also offer a variety of specialty products designed specifically for tough stains and grime.  Our products range from tile and grout care to natural stone care, floor restoration and even stain and odor removal. Whether you have ceramic, porcelain, marble or any other types of tile and grout in your home, we have the perfect product for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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Tile and Grout Care

With an extensive selection of tile and grout cleaners, we have everything you need to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your floors. Our products are safe for all types of tile and grout, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and more. They effectively remove dirt, grease and grime without damaging or discoloring your surfaces. They are effective for both floors and vertical surfaces, which include showers and backsplashes.

But it's not just about cleaning - our products also help protect and maintain your tile and grout for long-lasting durability. From daily maintenance to deep cleaning and sealing, our products are specifically formulated to keep your floors looking like new.

Natural Stone Care

For those with natural stone flooring and countertops, we understand the importance of using gentle yet effective cleaners that won't harm or damage these delicate surfaces. Our selection of natural stone care products is specifically designed to clean and protect your floors and countertops without causing any damage or discoloration. Our natural stone care products include cleaners, sealers, polishers and brushes to maintain the pristine look and finish of your surfaces.

From marble to granite, travertine to limestone, our premium cleaning products are safe for all types of natural stone and will leave your floors and countertops looking pristine. Plus, they're professional grade, easy to use and require minimal effort for maximum results.

Floor Restoration

Revitalize your worn-out surfaces with our exclusive floor restoration product, Restore-eez. Specifically formulated for wood, laminate, bamboo, vinyl, and slate surfaces, Restore-eez adds a brilliant shine and a durable protective barrier to your flooring. From buffing to deep cleaning, Restore-eez is your go-to solution for transforming dull and dirty floors into glossy and revitalized ones.

Please note that Restore-eez is not intended for use on tile and grout or natural stone surfaces, except for slate. Our team of experts is available to provide personalized guidance on using Restore-eez to achieve optimal results for your specific needs. Say goodbye to expensive floor replacement projects—Restore-eez offers professional-strength performance without the need for hiring a professional.

Contact our team today to discover the perfect solution for your surface and experience the transformative power of Restore-eez firsthand!

Stain and Odor Removal

Accidents happen, but that doesn't mean they have to leave a permanent mark. Stain-eez is a stain and odor remover designed for carpeting, clothes and most hard surfaces except wood floors. It is made up of enzymes and probiotics designed to break up the stain and odor and then practically eat the stain and odor away permanently.

Don't let stains and odors ruin the beauty of your floors - trust in our powerful yet gentle stain and odor removal products to get them looking clean and fresh again.

At Clean-eez, we offer a wide range of tile and grout cleaner products to fit every need and budget. Our goal is to help our customers achieve clean, beautiful floors without the hassle or expense. We also offer other great products like granite countertop cleaners, polishers and sealers. So why wait? Contact us today and see the difference our products can make in your home!

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