Dirty grout? The struggle is real.

Title: The Struggle is Real: Don't Let Dirty Tile and Grout Take Over Your Home - Our product Grout-eez with Dual Release technology will make cleaning your tile and grout a breeze.

Tired of scrubbing your tile floor to death? Clean-eez has the solution! Clean your grout with ease! Grout-eez!


If you've ever looked closely at your tiled floor and noticed the grout lines are looking a little bit darker than they used to, you're not alone. Over time, grout can become stained and difficult to clean, no matter how often you mop and clean it. In this article, we'll discuss why grout gets dirty and offer some tips on the best ways to clean it.

Why Grout Gets Dirty

Grout is a porous material, which means it's susceptible to staining. Even if you regularly sweep and mop your floor, dirt and debris can work their way into the grout lines and cause them to discolor. Certain cleaning products such as toilet bowl cleaner, or bleach products, used over time can make your tile and grout dirty, and in some cases may ruin it. In addition, spills and splatters can also leave permanent stains on grout if they're not cleaned up quickly. Making cleaning very difficult and costly.


Did you know your tile can get dirty too?

Although tile and grout are both often part of the same flooring system, the reality is that your tile and grout can get dirty in very different ways. While tiles may become dull over time due to traffic or a lack of upkeep, dirt and particles build up in the much more porous grout lines making them magnets for dust, mildew, and bacteria. To keep your tile floor looking its best, it's important to give both the tile itself and the grout lines a proper cleaning. Start by sweeping away any loose particles from the area, and mop with clean warm water, or vacuum to remove any topical dirt so that it does not settle in your grout. You'll be surprised at how much better an area looks when both the tile AND grout are sparkling clean! This can also help so that your grout doesn't get any permanent stains.




Over time, dirt, grime, and mildew can build up on your tile and grout, leaving unsightly stains that seem impossible to get rid of. If you are unable to clean it up right away then mopping and sweeping won't help. When it's past the point of prevention, it's time to figure out the best way to clean your tile and grout. You can hire professional tile and grout cleaning services. You can go online and google search how to clean your tile and grout, read all about all the DIY products you can buy mix and match to come up with the right solution. Or you can go to the store, or buy online tile and grout cleaning products yourself to do the job.


Hire a Professional

There are a few different ways to clean grout. You can hire a professional to come in and clean your tile and grout. Keep in mind a professional can cost a lot of money. You also have to set up an appointment, depending on their schedule it could take some time to get your project done. Also having someone in your home can be a concern to some people.


Clean your tile and grout yourself

You can clean the tile and grout yourself, but this can be challenging. Do your research. Make sure you are picking the right cleaning product. If you choose the wrong product it could be more of a hassle for you. Make sure you know what type of tile you have: Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Travertine, etc. There are so many and nowadays they make Ceramic tile look like a natural stone, and if you use the wrong product on it and can become a big problem.


DIY Products:

Many people swear by using DIY products, they claim they are cheaper, and much easier to use. They also claim that they work unbelievably better than an actual cleaner that is made for your tile and grout. Here are some examples of DIY products: Bleach, Vinegar, Toilet bowl cleaner, Baking soda and so much more. Keep in mind these products may be cheaper, but do they really work? Usually, with DIY products you have to mix and match different products together to get a certain formula, so now you are a scientist.


Now take into account that you have a lot of tile and grout that needs to be cleaned. So you get on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and start working. Back-breaking work not to mention. Did you know that most DIY products can damage or ruin your tile and grout?

I mean seriously would you use Toilet bowl cleaner to wash your hair if someone told you it worked?


Bleach may get your grout white but it can damage your tile and grout in the long run. Toilet Bowl cleaner can eat your grout way over time making it so you will have to replace your grout. Many of these DIY products can do more damage than good.




So why go through all of that when you can use a product that is made specifically for your tile and grout? Tested and approved. Grout-eez is revolutionizing tile and grout cleaning with its exclusive Dual Release Technology. It removes both tough, set-in stains as well as the more common topical stains in a snap! Most other tile and grout cleaning products are either alkaline or acid and will only clean away one type of stain. Enjoy cleaning your tile and grout without all the hard work - Grout-eez makes it possible! Clean your grout with Grout-eez!


In Conclusion:

Tile and grout cleaning can be a daunting task. Between the tough stains and the seemingly never-ending dirt, it’s hard to know where to start. And if you add in all of the DIY products out there that promise to make your job easier, it can be downright confusing. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! So stay away from those harsh chemicals and DIY solutions, Use Grout-eez for unbeatable results. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful – I would love to hear from you!


Meet the Author

Shari is the owner of Clean-eez along with her huspand Jeff and son Ryan. The White family has been in the cleaning business for close to 30 years.

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