To Seal or Not to Seal Your Grout? That is the Question
The answer is yes! Seal your grout. Why? There are two reasons:
  • To prevent stains from soaking into your grout and creating discoloration that may last a lifetime, and
  • Every time you mop, water finds the lowest point. So dirty mop water collects in your grout line and starts soaking in, leaving dirt and bacteria behind. Yuck.

Have you ever noticed that you can see your family’s traffic patterns on your floor? You can tell where people stand and where they come in from the door. Because those areas tend to be dirtiest, we mop them more often. Then the dirty water seeps into the grout and causes the pattern to emerge. Seal the grout and solve the problem.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

When your grout is sealed, all liquids including spills and mop water, stay on top of the surface and don’t soak in. Wipe up spills as they occur, and your grout can go two to four years before you need to seal it again. If your grout is very porous, it may take up to three coats of sealer. Start with one, let it dry and then check. Water will bead up on the grout like a waxed car once it’s sealed.

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No Knee-d to Make it Hard Work

Sealing your grout is an easy task and there is no need to get on your hands and knees to do it unless that’s your preference. All you need is grout sealer from The Floor Guys and any paint brush you have.

Here’s what you do:

  • Tape a paint brush to the bottom of a broom pole. Any paint brush will do.
  • Pour the grout sealer into a clean, dry pail.
  • Dip the brush into the sealer and apply it to the grout lines. Make sure you get the grout lines nice and damp. You can’t add too much sealer; it will all soak in eventually. Don’t worry about getting the sealer onto the tiles.
  • Let it sit about five minutes. Dwell time is important, so don’t skimp.
  • Take a clean mop and mop diagonally across the tiles.
  • Don’t push down too hard. Remove the sealer from the tiles but leave it in the grout lines.
  • Use clean water and wring the mop out really well often.

Seal the Deal

Our stone and grout sealer works on sanded and unsanded grout. It improves durability and keeps your grout natural looking. One quart will seal up to 500 sq ft of tile and grout. It can also be used to seal any natural stone.

The best part: it’s a water-based sealer so there is virtually no odor. It penetrates deep into the grout lines providing a moisture barrier to protect your grout from dirt and spills.

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