It’s a Tale as old as Grime
It’s a story we all know but don’t like to talk about, of good grout gone bad. It’s a story about how neglect and abuse can reduce something once proud and pretty to something sad and stained. But it’s also a story of redemption. That filthy floor, that soiled carpet, that grimy grout can all be brought back to life again with EEZ: Stone-eez, Pet Stain-eez and Grout-eez. 

What Happens in Vegas

Las Vegas. All shiny on the outside but look past the façade and things aren’t always what they seem. Like this gorgeous marble bathroom in one of Las Vegas’ nicest hotels. What’s hiding under that pretty surface? Plenty of dirt and grime, that’s what. We decided to put Stone-eez through its paces and see if it was a match for Lady Muck.

First, we mixed 10 parts water with one part Stone-eez, which is safe to use on all natural stone surfaces. It can be applied to the grout lines or to the whole stone. Normally you would let it dwell before scrubbing, but in this case, we immediately gave the grout lines a gentle brushing and wiped everything up with a damp towel.

Magic Carpet

You might not be able to fly on your carpet, but Pet Stain-eez will certainly leave you feeling transported. This product, made from organic materials that are safe around children and pets, might be our easiest-to-use product ever. Shake it up, saturate the stain, and walk away. Waving a magic wand is optional.

Let the stain sit for at least an hour; major staining may need to sit overnight, and you may need to reapply the Pet Stain-eez. But when you return, the stain will have vanished like magic. The only danger: it might make it obvious how dirty the rest of your carpet is. Want to see Pet Stain-eez in action? Watch this video:

Count on Clean-eez for rock-solid advice about how to clean your surfaces.

Thanks for using Clean-eez products. Remember to match the cleaner to the type of surface.



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Meet the Author

Shari is the owner of Clean-eez along with her huspand Jeff and son Ryan. The White family has been in the cleaning business for close to 30 years.

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