How to Clean and Polish Your Natural Stone Countertops
When it comes to beautiful and durable, it’s hard to beat natural stone for your countertops. Properly maintained, they’ll last a lifetime and withstand the spills, scrapes and splashes of day-to-day living.

Marble, granite, slate, limestone, and soapstone are natural stones, while quartz is man-made.

Quartz is a nonporous surface that doesn't require sealing; it's resistant to stains and won't absorb harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, or viruses.

Granite, limestone, and marble are porous stones that will easily stain, so sealing is necessary to preserve the look of these surfaces. Keep acidic foods, liquids, or cleaners away from granite, marble, and limestone; acid can break down the seal on these surfaces and cause stains. That’s why it’s important to use the right cleaning products, like Shine-eez.

Taking a shine to stone

Shine-eez is a natural stone countertop cleaner for granite, stone, marble and more. You can use it as a daily cleaner or for periodic polishing. It adds depth and shine along with cleaning up everyday spills and messes. It removes grease, grim, stains and watermarks without leaving streaks, haze or residue behind.  Shake it up, spray it on, let it dwell for a minute and wipe it away to reveal a mirror-like finish.

If your countertop has lost a bit of luster, spray it again, buff it in and watch the shine emerge. Whether you’re cleaning or polishing, it’s important to use a liberal amount of cleaner and get it all over. As a rule, the lighter the stone, the more porous it is, and the more prone it is to getting dirty. If you’re going to seal your countertops, cleaning with Shine-eez is a great first step.

Mineral deposits are a turn off

Make sure you saturate the area around the faucet because that’s where lots of things accumulate. It’s also an area prone to staying damp. That warm, wet environment causes white, scaly mineral deposits to form around the base of your faucet, which is why it’s important to thoroughly dry the area after use and cleaning. Keep it dry and you keep the mineral deposits from forming.

Seal the deal

We recommend sealing stone once a year or twice if it’s really porous. If your granite or stone is dull and in poor shape, nothing will make it shine. You’ll need to call a professional and have them grind your countertops smooth, get rid of all the scratches and then polish it back up. Shine-eez is the perfect prep for our Seal-eez product. They’re the one-two punch your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities need!

Count on Clean-eez for rock-solid advice about how to clean your surfaces.

Thanks for using Clean-eez products. Remember to match the cleaner to the type of surface.


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