Discovering the type of tile you have: A guide to identifying, cleaning and maintaining different types of Flooring and wall tile.

Discovering the Type of Tile You Have: A Guide to Identifying, Cleaning, and Maintaining Different Types of Flooring and Wall Tiling


Do you have tile installed in your home, but you’re not sure what type it is? Knowing the type of tile can be key to understanding how to clean, protect, and maintain it. It’s important to get an accurate assessment so that you can use the correct cleaning and protection methods for the optimal life of your tile, and grout.

In this blog, we will give you tips on how to identify what type of tile you have in your home, and how to clean, and maintain it properly. there are a few things to look for including color and pattern variations, texture, overall size and format of the tile as well as where it has been installed. 

Ceramic and Porcelain tile:

They typically come in larger sizes such as 12x12 inches or larger, with a glossy finish that comes from a glass glaze. There is usually some variation in color or texture within each tile which gives it a unique appearance. Porcelain tiles are similar in size and shape but they are denser than ceramic tiles because they are fire glazed at higher temperatures during their production process. Some porcelain tiles have a matte finish while others have more of a polished look.


Cleaning Ceramic and Porcelain:

Cleaning ceramic tile and grout can be a difficult task but with the right product, it becomes much easier! Grout-eez is a product specifically made for ceramic and porcelain, and also features Dual Release technology, to ensure that your tile and grout stay beautiful over time. It's easy to use and its advanced formula helps keep your tile and grout looking beautiful. so that when it comes time to clean your space, you don't have to worry about other products not holding up. Get Grout-eez today and say goodbye to tedious tile and grout cleaning forever!


Sealing Ceramic and Porcelain:

Caring for and protecting your ceramic tile and grout is an important step in maintaining the beauty of your home. Most people don't know if you should seal the tile to protect it from staining and keep it looking great for years to come. While there is no need to seal the tile itself, sealing the grout helps prevent permanent staining which can occur if it not properly protected. Taking the time to seal your grout can help you maintain its rich color, giving your floors or walls that fresh, inviting look they had when they were installed.


Maintaining Ceramic and Porcelain:

When you take the time to properly seal the grout, the results can be beautiful. Yet it's not enough to just do the job once and forget it! Staying on top of cleaning is essential because if you don't use the right type of cleaner then you could end up eliminating your sealer before its time. Be sure that when performing daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning, you select a mild, neutral pH cleaner to keep your grout looking nice. Quick action and preventative steps will ensure your grout looks great for years to come.

Natural stone tiles such as marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, etc.

These Natural stone tiles come in various shapes and sizes with subtle variations in color depending on the exact mineral makeup of each individual stone.

Normally tile made from natural stone is cut down to size by a larger slab. These slabs may come from different quarry locations around the world since different areas are known for producing different types of stones.


Marble tile

Having its unique veining in various shades, it can truly make any room stand out. You can have marble tiled honed for a more subdued look minus the shine, or polished to achieve that glossy effect. Despite its beauty, marble tile isn’t indestructible - it is porous and susceptible to staining, so be sure to ask about the necessary cleaners and sealers and other protective agents before making your purchase. Using the correct cleaning product and sealing will keep this beautiful stone tile looking beautiful for years to come.


Granite tile

Can be recognized by its distinct speckled appearance, thanks to an abundance of different mineral chips, flecks, or veins. Granite is the most common stone people will get for their counter tops, backsplash, and even floors. It requires a certain type of cleaner and must be sealed to prevent it from permanent staining.

Travertine tile

Has a crystalline appearance in varying shades of white, yellow, beige, and tan. It is a fairly soft, porous stone that has natural divots to the surface. This natural stone is usually installed in bathroom showers, and floors.


Limestone tiles

Typically appear in shades of beige, taupe, light blue-grey, and off-white. Its finish is usually honed and it does not hold a high gloss polish. Limestone is used in showers and outdoor areas. (Not the most common stone).


Slate tiles

They have a naturally textured appearance and appear in varying shades of dark, earthy colors.


Cleaning for all types of Natural stone:

Natural stone tile is a beautiful addition to enhance any room in your home, but taking care of it properly is a must to ensure that its longevity and original beauty are preserved. While vinegar, bleach, lemon juice, and other acid-based cleaners might seem like good solutions for regular cleaning, they can actually etch and damage your natural stone tile!


Look no further than Stone-eez for an amazing alkaline cleaner specifically designed for all types of natural stone. With Stone-eez, you can be sure to keep your natural stone floors looking great without dealing with the worry of damaging them. Taking the proper steps in caring for your natural stone tile is sure to pay off in the long run so don't forget to choose the correct product!


Sealing for all types of Natural stone:

Any type of natural stone tile is a beautiful choice for your home or business, but if you want it to remain like that for years to come then it's essential that you seal both the marble tile and the grout. Most people don't realize that Marble needs to be sealed, unlike Ceramic tile which often doesn't require this extra step. Not sealing your marble would mean everyday spills would absorb much quicker and faster due to its porosity, leaving your marble looking worse for wear in no time at all. So make sure you give your marble tile a little bit of extra love and care by sealing regularly!


Maintaining all types of Natural stone:

After all that hard work of sealing your marble tile and grout - you don't want it all to be wasted! Luckily, regular maintenance can ensure that your sealer continues to protect your floor and keep it looking it's absolute best. Just be sure to stick with a Neutral PH cleaner when you're doing your weekly or monthly cleaning of the space. This will make sure you get the most life out of your sealer and keep your floor looking fabulous!


In conclusion

The best way to make sure that your tiled floor is kept looking beautiful for years to come is by knowing the type of tile you have and what it needs. Depending on the type of tile, whether it’s glossy, matte, or something else - there are definitely different care instructions. That being said, take the time to research or talk to a professional if you don’t know how best to clean and protect your floor. When we take the right steps to ensure proper care, we can keep our tiled flooring looking great for years. Now that you know more about tile types and how they need to be taken care of. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful. Thanks for reading!





  • clean-eez: December 26, 2023

    Hi Joni,
    Thank you so much for the kind words. To strip of wax you would want to use some sort of a stripper we do not currently sell a product like that.

  • James: December 26, 2023

    Stone-eez would be the product you want to use for pebble river rock tile.

  • Joni cowgill: December 26, 2023

    I love your products. Now I’m in a place where someone waxed the porcelain/ceramic floors. Please tell me what to do to remove the wax. Thank you

  • James Hampton: May 15, 2023

    River rock Pebble stone tile in my shower. Would tile eez be the best choice for cleaning?

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