Grout-eez Tile & Grout Cleaner with Grout Brush 32oz

✔️ Grout-eez is a heavy-duty professional strength cleaner that will take years of grime off of your grout (No need to spend lots of money trying different products that don't work... eliminate the frustration of trying to find the right product)  

✔️ This 2 In 1 Cleaner Gives You Everything You Need In One Bottle: Make your tile and grout look brand new ... fall in love with your home again! 

✔️ Makes stains almost magically disappear (No need to spend lots of money hiring a professional... Why take the risk of having a stranger in your home)

✔️ Grout-eez Produces amazing Results No Matter How Many Years Of Dirt And Grime Are On Your Grout… You will be amazed at how filthy your grout actually is!

✔️ Return’s your grout to its original color (There's no need to replace your grout... why turn your home into a dusty filthy mess?)


✔️  The V-shaped brush allows you to get deeper into the grout which loosens dirt easily!

✔️ Curled Bristles: That is stiff enough to clean but soft enough to not scratch the tile

✔️ Attaches To Any American Standard Threaded Pole: Most people have a pole in their home so no need to buy one

✔️ Can Clean Grout While Standing Up: Get off your hands and knees while cleaning your grout which means no more back-breaking labor

✔️ Brush head swivels back and forth... Making it very easy to maneuver