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Grout-eez - Tile & Grout Cleaner For Floor Tiles 32oz

The Most Advanced Grout Cleaner On The Market

Let the hard work be done for you with Grout-eez! Our dual release technology takes all the elbow grease out of cleaning – just apply and let rest.

In as little as 5-7 minutes, our formula will have worked its magic to lift dirt up and away from your grout lines so that a simple brushing is enough to get it clean without any scrubbing.

With us doing all the heavy lifting for you, take some time back in your day to enjoy a beautifully refreshed home - risk free today!

For use on Ceramic & Porcelain tiles only.

  • Grout-eez is a heavy-duty professional strength cleaner that will take years of grime off of your grout (No need to spend lots of money trying different products that don't work... eliminate the frustration of trying to find the right product)  

  •  This 2 In 1 Cleaner (dual-realease technology) Gives You Everything You Need In One Bottle: Make your tile and grout look brand new ... fall in love with your home again! 

  •  Grout-eez Produces amazing Results No Matter How Many Years Of Dirt And Grime Are On Your Grout… You will be amazed at how filthy your grout actually is!

  • Return’s your grout to its original color (There's no need to replace your grout... why turn your home into a dusty filthy mess?)
  • Do Not Use On Any Natural Stone (Marble, Granite, Travertine, Etc.) If you have natural stone please use our Stone-eez to clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A single bottle of Grout-eez covers approx. 250 sq ft.

Ceramic and Porcelain tile and grout only!

No because it needs time to dwell. A machine will apply the solution and pick it up all in one motion.

The short answer is yes. Grout-eez is a strong restorative cleaner, it will remove your sealer. But to be honest with you your sealer is probably long gone anyway. That's why your grout is dirty to begin with.

Yes, you can. Grout-eez can be used on just about any ceramic or porcelain tile and grout no matter where it is in or around your home.

Yes it does. Grout-eez will bring back the original color of your grout. It contains no bleach so it cannot and will not turn your grout white unless that is the original color. The only type of grout it does not work on is epoxy grout.

Yes it is, but please remember Grout-eez is a strong restorative cleaner and precautions should be taken when using it. If you are susceptible to odors we recommend opening windows for ventilation, if you have sensitive skin wear gloves, and if you have trouble breathing with asthma or something like that maybe wear a mask.

We suggest sealing the grout with a high quality sealer like our Stone & Grout sealer. Then when it is time for your weekly tile and grout cleaning we suggest using a gentle but effective neutral pH cleaner like our Daily-ezz. Neutral pH cleaners will not break down your sealer like most store bought cleaners.