Tile & Grout Care

Maintaining Your Floors

The next topic we want to discuss is maintenance cleaning also known as mopping the floor. This can actually be the most important step in preserving the look and integrity of your floor. First our neutral pH MAINTENANCE CLEANER will not damage or break down the GROUT SEALER that you just applied to your floor. Most over the counter maintenance cleaning products will begin to break down grout sealers within 2 to 3 cleanings.

Also, our cleaner is phosphate free (meaning it is environmentally friendly) and it will leave no sticky soap film or residue, so your floors will stay cleaner longer. We also recommend what we call the “No Bucket Wash”.This is done using a spray bottle and micro fiber mop (we suggest the type with the little fingers). You will simply spray a section of the floor with MAINTENANCE CLEANER and wipe clean with the micro fiber mop. The mop head should be rinsed with warm, clear water regularly, but there is no need to rinse the floor. This is a very quick and efficient way to clean.

I would also like to point out that our MAINTENANCE CLEANER is the best product to use on engineered wood, hardwood and laminate flooring. It will leave no haze, and when used as a “No Bucket Wash” the floor is never flooded with water. Water can soak into real wood or into the joints of engineered products making them swell or damaging the surface.