Grout & Natural Stone Sealer
Grout & Natural Stone Sealer
Grout & Natural Stone Sealer
Grout & Natural Stone Sealer
Grout & Natural Stone Sealer
Grout & Natural Stone Sealer

Grout & Natural Stone Sealer

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Why seal your grout? What if your grout was easier to clean? How would you feel if you spilled juice on your kitchen floor, and the grout didn’t stain? Imagine if you grout looked clean all the time!

✔️ Professional Strength:

Our Stone and grout Sealer works on sanded and unsanded grout.

This Professional strength sealer improves durability and keeps a natural appearance to your grout.

1 quart will seal up to 500 sq ft of tile and grout. It can also be used to seal any and Natural stone.

Water based sealer: Virtually no odor at all. Penetrates deep into the grout lines providing a moisture barrier that will protect your grout from dirt and spills.

✔️ Very Easy to use!

You don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to seal your grout.

Just take a paint brush and tape it to a broom pole. Apply while standing up.

Let the product sit for 5 minutes, then just mop the remaining sealer of using warm water and a clean mop.

Quick and Easy.

✔️ Long Lasting: easy to clean and long lasting protection. ( We recommend using a Neutral PH cleaner to maintain your floors once they are sealed, this will prevent the sealer from breaking down, which will make your sealer last a lot longer).

✔️ Saves you Hundreds of dollars: Stone and grout sealer is the easiest and Best sealer on the market today Guaranteed!

1. By using our Stone and grout sealer you won’t have to pay professionals to do it.



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